your theme is really~ cute (◡‿◡✿)

thank you so much! ♥ 


i want your old theme

i like this theme better lol


chenxing ;]

is this request or…? 

leave 2 idol/groups/characters/ships/tv shows in my ask and i’ll make a gifset of what i prefer


regarding your most recent gifset, can you please tell me what show the bottom right gif with chen in a white shirt is from? i'd really appreciate it, thank you!

oh, it’s this video :) chen’s around 3:40 onwards. you’re very welcome

random gifs of chen; requested by anonymous


oH hAHHAHAhahga I'm sorry aishdjd

チェンチェン の可愛い先輩


I'm sorry if it's rude to ask but I got very curious, but you're going to prison? like visiting or did you do something wrong...? if it's alright to ask!

no, really. it was just this inside joke among me & my peers. lol we’re just going to study somewhere for a month w/ no communication and all. it’s really okay to ask. it was my fault to use that inside joke ;;